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RPM has one of the most extensive repositories of music in the business. You can use the two methods below to browse the music library that is used to create all RPM discs.

Top Hits U.S.A. Library Search
You may use the form below to search through the Top Hits U.S.A. Library for specific music selections. Please enter your criteria in the form below and click the "Search" button. You will be presented with an HTML page listing the music that was found. Anything appearing in the "VH" disc series automatically appears in the "VHM" disc series but also the "VHM" disc series now includes exclusive bonus tracks.
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  Note: To search for a single disc, fill in ONLY the first range value.
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Full Top Hits U.S.A. Library File Download
If you prefer to browse the music library on your own computer you may download the file using our simple three step download procedure. By downloading the music library you can integrate the information into your favorite database or information management system. For your convenience the music and video libraries are available in commonly used file formats. Additionally you can download the entire library or just the updates you need to get up to date. Click here download the music library or video library.
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