A New Way To Get Your RPM's On Top Hits U.S.A. MP3-DVD
Now in addition to delivering the best quality weekly and monthly music service on audio CDís, RPM adds a new super convenient service. Now you can receive the RPM Top Hits U.S.A. service on a single DVD ROM containing all of the weekly and monthly editions of our great service. Each super-hi quality track is encoded in full 320K MP3 for the best broadcast quality. Each track is also encoded with all the data related to that track for instant loading into all popular broadcast and DJ software systems. No more manual loading and data manipulation! The MP3-DVD also contains PDF files for each music listing as well as fully updated database files covering the entire RPM Top Hits U.S.A. service for the past 17 years!

(Click here to view/download MP3-DVD information & order form pdf.)

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